Hotspots Utrecht

Utrecht hotspots according to experts


Astrid Teunissen
Coordinator of the EFYE 2018 Conference and Policy Officer at the Utrecht University School of Economics

My favourite spot in Utrecht is the Louis Hartlooper Complex. Formerly a police station and now a cinema, where the most beautiful art-house films are shown. You can eat great food there and sit in the pavement café if the weather is good.


Marja Zuiderwijk
Advisor on Study Choice and Student Counselling University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

A good place to eat, fully vegetarian and biologically responsible: Broei on the Oosterkade: Cosy, tasty and good food, and very close to the NS-station Vaartsche Rijn.


Thomas Kroes
Chairman of the student council at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

After an intensive day at the congress, a nice walk will fresh you up for an enjoyable evening in Utrecht. I would propose a calm walk in the beautiful scenery of the Wilhelminapark. Afterwards, I can only recommend Astrid’s tip.


Marieke de Bakker
Department Head Student Counselling, Academic Affairs UU

My tip for Utrecht is: climbing the Dom! A time-honoured classic, great view of the city, the canals and very nice guides, who are almost always students.


Annemarie Steutel
Student Economics and Business Economics at Utrecht University and Project Support EFYE 2018

The best of Belgium, but in Utrecht. My favourite drinking place is Kafé België, you guessed it: they have a wide range of special beers. I would also advise to walk through at least one of the parks, such as Lepelenburg or the Griftpark. Students gather there in big numbers in the summer.


Simone Schut
Coordinator Biomedical Sciences Academy Utrecht University and a Member of the EFYE Board

There is this saying; ‘Don’t look the gift horse in the mouth’. In Utrecht we have a great café which is called “Het gegeven Paard”(The gift horse), but what is given there will not disappoint. You can find it within the walls of our great MusicTheater Tivoli and it is right outside the train station, so very central. They have a good variety of wines, beers and cocktails. Small (shared) meals, large meals and not too expensive. But most importantly, always gezellig (best Dutch word ever, sorry. Google it!), always crowded but not too much, and beautiful people to look at.

One other favorite. Not to consume but just to be:

Find one of the bridges (‘Brug’ in Dutch) crossing the ‘Oude Gracht’ (old Canal) south of The Dom. Hamburgerbrug, Weesbrug or Smeebrug. Stand in the middle and just look, to the north or south, doesn’t really matter. Look and breathe and enjoy.


Ida Hogendoorn
Lecturer at University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

The Miffy Museum (Nijntje museum in Dutch), Agnietenstraat 2 , a beautiful overview of the work of the famous Utrecht resident Dick Bruna. In the Central Museum across the street, Dick Bruna’s study can be seen and the gift shop is there as well.