EFYE 2018

From June 25 to June 27 2018 the European First Year Experience conference took place in Utrecht. It was hosted by Utrecht University and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

The conference themes 2018 were:

  • From Excitement to Expectations to Experiences.
  • Diversity and inclusion.

Through keynotes, paper sessions, workshops and networking the delegates got the chance to share and expand their knowledge and experiences on guiding first year students.


pre-conference EFYE 2018 Inclusion and Equity

pre-conference EFYE 2018 Succesful Introduction weeks

pre-conference EFYE 2018 Coaching the leaning process of FY students

1.1 EFYE 2018 E-learning An alternative tool for enhancing students learning

1.3 EFYE 2018 Understanding new students skills, confidences and anxieties

1.4 EFYE 2018 The Collegiate Learning Assessment CLA+

2.1 EFYE2018 CAFE an automatic and on line learning system

2.4 EFYE 2018 Sense of Belonging + Inclusion = Communities

2.4 EFYE 2018 handout Sense of Belonging + Inclusion = Communities

2.5 EFYE 2018 What we can learn from students

2.6 EFYE 2018_Gen Z, Diversity, and the Classroom

2.7 EFYE 2018 Design your own study and career guidance

2.9 EFYE 2018 A good start is half the job done. Towards a leaner and more social introduction week

2.9 EFYE 2018 Creative Strategies for Promoting Student Advisory Services

3.3 EFYE 2018 Student-Mentoring_TU Graz

3.7 EFYE 2018 Diversity from policy to action

3.4 EFYE 2018 Introducing a PASS scheme

4.4. EFYE 2018 Should I stay or should I go

4.5 EFYE 2018 Workshop EFYE2018 on training matching skills

4.7 EFYE 2018 Dream-team presentation

5.1 EFYE 2018 Bringing students together with Inter-Professional Learning (IPL)

5.3 EFYE 2018 Images of Inquiry

5.4 EFYE 2018 Mystery Shopping

5.7 EFYE 2018 A practical approach to stimulate motivational and self-regulated learning

5.9 EFYE 2018 Junior lecturers

5.10 Study Buddy and other PAL initiatives

6.2 EFYE 2018 Forward Thinking Thinking Differently About Specific Learning

6.5 EFYE 2018 Designing staff development

6.7 EFYE 2018 Common reading – Going behind the book